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For many years we made use of a plastic watering dish that had a "top container" as well as loaded the component the canines drank from. At some point it obtained to the point where the plastic might no much longer be cleaned and, having had some knee problems that complicated life, chose to change it with this automated filling bowl as opposed to a similar layout (cost has to do with the same). Dimension: This dish is 13-14 inches across and also concerning 5 inches high. That huges. I have a number of stainless water/ food bowls that are maybe 10" throughout and I presumed this would be similar. It's not. We have a few medium-to-big canines so it's fine but if you have a canine that is, say, 20-30 extra pounds or much less, this dish will certainly look ginormous. Note that since the float shutoff and connected pipes are enclosed in plastic the full "face" of the dish is not available for drinking, so the offered surface approaches a smaller sized bowl. Placement: I wished to put the dish so that if any kind of parts stop working or obtain toppled in some worst situation situation like we're going out of town it doesn't trigger any kind of flooding. I resolved on putting it by the drainpipe in the cellar that mosts likely to the sump well (and only transforming the supply on component way). This runs out the means floor space that isn't useful for much else anyhow. I after that ran an alcohol consumption water pipe (purchased locally to save a couple of $) to the washering supply. I leakage proofed whatever (see below), consisting of a Y adapter, placed the Y adapter on the cold supply tap to the washering and also hooked everything up. Leak-proofing: There is a very easy key, in fact 2 secrets, to making hose links leak-free in general, and also there's an extra gotcha for this water dish. – General tube connections: First you need a good gasket in the women port. Soft plastic is alright, but some pipes as well as sprayers had hard plastic gaskets. Replace them with a rubber one. You can get 12 of them in the yard & garden section for like $3 and also they will save you loads of time and trouble (as well as water!). 2nd you should oil the gaskets. I have a kegerator so I have Lubri-Film And also around anyhow and it works completely (if you can locate something like that locally it will set you back about fifty percent that a lot, try a homebrew store if nowhere else). You possibly do not intend to run around town for something called Lubrifilm though so at the same time you can simply use KY Jelly – it will not function fairly too, yet it's a million times better compared to a dry gasket. You just should press about 1/8" inch from television to do a gasket or more so one tube will certainly last you forever (been making use of mine for 5 years as well as checking) – This particular dish: This dish has a male GHT (garden hose pipe thread) adapter appearing of it and also a female-to-female adapter on that to link to a hose. BOTH women sides have a gasket. Lube BOTH of them. The consisted of gaskets were soft sufficient to secure yet prior to I connected the hose pipe I eliminated the adapter, pulled out both gaskets, lubricated them both (it simply takes an extremely light film of covering), and popped them back in. The entire process takes about 2 mins and will save you a great deal of frustrations as well as screwing about. I believe that a lot of the users that have experienced leakages with this dish can repair them by executing this treatment as maintenance. Regardless of exactly how difficult you tighten a tube on a completely dry gasket it will certainly not seal! A lubed gasket will seal flawlessly with modest tightening up. If the ports on the hose pipes in your yard drip doing this will likely help those as well. I've utilized this stuff on various other pipes fixtures like showerheads as well. It makes o-rings as well as gaskets and things like that seal the means they're meant to. I could really think that if the gaskets just weren't lubed it would be impossible to obtain the appropriate tightness on both sides of the adapter and one or the other would usually leakage. I offer consolation with the various other reviewers that have actually had problems! No assembly line is best and I can think some supply that leak no issue what however I think an extra min's care of the gaskets will certainly protect against or solve most issues. Garden hose pipe ports are pretty reduced tech. They will certainly NOT secure if you tighten them as tough as you potentially could but they WILL CERTAINLY seal with a bit of petroleum jelly on both sides of the gasket. I examine comments often so feel totally free to leave one with any type of concerns otherwise please click Yes if handy and also thanks for reading!I've had this automatic waterer for about a month currently and have to state that I enjoy it. I make sure my pet dogs enjoy it also. Their old dish was a plastic 3 gallon pail that seemed to get algae relatively swiftly as well as I was frequently rubbing it out (there aren't any type of places in the yard where it's questionable all the time). With this dish, I just have to dispose the water periodically when debris obtains in the bowl and have actually had NO concerns with algae. I would certainly suggest that you maintain the float at the manufacturing facility setting. I tried to raise the water level as well as located that it does not push the float up enough and water kept spilling over – once I set it back to manufacturing facility setup it was fine. The factory setting has actually an elevated line on each side of the float's insurance adjuster that simply have to be lined up. I would also advise obtaining a quick link for the hose to the dish. The pipe I have was a bit tight as well as maintained flipping the bowl and also loosening the threads triggering a leak. With a quick connector, it will permit the pipe to rotate easily, eliminating the concern I had. I'm delighted I picked this bowl and also would advise it. dog water bowl